In Memory Of My Father
Dr. Sam Garten

Milan Matey
35 years of teaching

Nick Sikorski
Judy McMullin, Matt Vroom

In Memory Of
Charles Joe & Eva Puglisi

First Hammer
Roy Musser

Jimmy, Maria,
Alexander, James &
Riley Hoopes

Marsh & Jan Cobin
Down the 'Shore'!
Todd JoAnn Max & Lila

In Honor Of
William and Katherine Hall
Love, Your Family

In honor of
William and Ellyn
Easterling, with love

In memory of
Sami Odom
the Sweetest Angel

Nancy, Chuck & John Neely

In Honor of
Frances Smith
Memories Last Forever

Appreciation for
Matthew Hannaman
The Fish Whisperer

Thanks to
Henry and Dot Smith
for Starting the FUN

Chris, Heather
Quinn, Brant, and Ellie

In Loving Memory
Jean T. Duncan

Herbert and Klara

A.C. Hall
I'm with her since 1952

Dot Hall
I'm with him since 19

BigA loves his Shmoopy

In Memory Of Our
Mom & Best Friend
Shirley Frick

In Honor of Marvin
Our Favorite Angler
Love, your girls

For Showing Me How
To Love My Mother, Earth.
Thanks Mom & Dad

Wittkamp Family
Kevin, Stacia, Mikayla,
Meika Bree Abby Emma

In Celebration of
Beach Holidays with Our
Leo/Brookhart Family

In Loving Memory
Robert Taylor Kirkman
Gone Fishing

In honor of our
mother Suzanne Mayer
We love you!

Tom & Linda Tolson
Memories That Last Forever
Love, The Boyer's

Steven A. Majerus
Amazing Daddy~Brother~Son
We miss You!!

In Honor of Gavin Parker

In Honor of
Josey and Tyler Parker

Peace Be With You!
Harrison G. Kuebler

In loving memory
Our friend & co-worker
Karen Parker

In Memory of
Trent Emery Watkins

For the Sea Turtle
Banks, Addison, and Rory

In Loving Memory
Of Rylee Mark Trollinger

May 11, 2013
Brent & Catherine Upton

Best Parents Ever!
Les and Lynda Smith

Bryan, Laurie, Ashley, &
Matthew Stocks

Happy Father's Day
Tim Corley! We Love you!
Sydney Sophie Sawyer

Paradise Found
David Carma Caleb Parker

Austin & Mattie
Love Nenee & Dada

Happy 40th Justine !
Fiona, Finley, & Ryan

As Victoria Casillas
often would say,
"Donít eat the fish!"