A group of students on a sandy island looking at the camera. Behind them is a body of water and green marsh with green shrubby trees.



Applications to all of these programs should be submitted at least six weeks before the preferred volunteer date. Please note that applying for any of the high school volunteer programs does not guarantee acceptance. Please read each section carefully as opportunities may be different this year. 

a student intern leans over a black holding tank and cleans the water it holds. There are rocks and green plants in the holding tank.
  • Internships
  • Job Shadow
  • Aquarium Teen Ambassadors
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Special Events


A limited number of college internships in Education and Husbandry are available each year at the Aquarium. The deadline for summer positions is in early March. Check the Pine Knoll Shores section of the employment listings page for application guidelines.

The North Carolina Youth Advocacy and Involvement Office (NCYAIO) also sometimes offers internships at the Aquarium. The deadline each year is in mid-January. Interested students –  visit the NCYAIO website for qualifications, requirements, and application information.