A flock of least terns perches on a dock with one with wings spread flying off the dock


Thank You

There are many ways to support the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. Whether that is through volunteer hours, participating in conservation projects, or supporting through your visit to the Aquarium. Visiting the Aquarium, our guests directly support animal care, new habitats, and exciting conservation and research that helps animals in the wild. Learn more ways that you can support animals in our care and in the wild. 

A woman on the left holds a pine snake in her hands while a woman on the right looks and touches the snake with a gentle finger.

Support Our Living Treasures

With your support, we can provide superior care for animals and make a difference in field research and conservation to save vulnerable species from extinction. Your support can also provide unique opportunities for guests and inspire generations to appreciate our natural world. Thank you for your support.

Make a Donation

Support animal rescue and conversation priorities, bring science education to life, and add new aquarium habitats!

Adopt an Animal

Your tax-deductible contribution will help the Aquariums feed, care for and display these animals for one full year!


Help support the NC Aquarium by dedicating time through our volunteer program. Help educators or our dive team.