A group of students are led through the water and marsh by a university professor. the foreground is green marsh grasses.


Welcome Educators

As a teacher, you're always looking for new ways to inspire and engage curious minds. Allow us to serve as an educational resource for you and your students. We offer a wide array of educational opportunities for teachers that can be an incredible supplement to your lesson plan. Contact us today to learn more about how we come to your classroom virtually today.

A group of teachers stand around a circle table while holding papers. To the right is an aquarium educator in a blue shirt showing an animal ambassador.

Teacher Workshop

April 30 Free Event

Teachers of grades 3-12 can join us from 1-3 p.m. for a free teacher workshop that will help bring climate science understanding to your classroom.  Learn how to effectively introduce your students to climate science and how changes to our global environment are impacting our communities. We will use teaching tools provided by North Carolina Aquariums, NOAA, and other community partners to improve your and your students’ climate science literacy and build a solid foundation for continuous education on the subject.

A young boy hod a magnifying glass up to a leaf on a tree.


At SciREN events, researchers provide educators with K-12 classroom-ready lesson plans, which are based on their current work and adhere to state and national educational standards.  SciREN gives researchers and educators opportunities to arrange classroom visits and to collaborate on curriculum development. All interested teachers and educators are welcome to attend!

The next SciREN Coast event will be held at the Aquarium. Check back for 2024 dates



In addition to the one free visit, the Aquarium holds a special Homeschool Day event each year. During this event, all children in the immediate homeschooled family are invited to attend. This includes children who are not school-age, and two adults (additional adults will still have to pay general admission). Proof of homeschool status is also required during Homeschool Day.

An Aquarium educator in a blue polo shirt holds a terrapin turtle in front of a group of children.