a juvenile loggerhead sea turtle swims with its flippers raised. the background is light blue.


Make A Difference

Make a world of difference for the waterways and wildlife you love by volunteering with the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. Volunteering at the Aquarium offers hands-on, feet-wet learning experiences, along with fun social opportunities. Help guests explore the wonders of North Carolina’s waterways. Give children unforgettable experiences at the Aquarium touch tanks or by diving into the Living Shipwreck. Participate in special events and activities year-round, and play a direct role in coastal conservation.

No prior experience is necessary. Volunteers receive training in environmental education and animal handling. Flexible schedules are available. Additional benefits include free Aquarium admission, discounts at the Aquarium Gift Shop, and Special Activities. To learn more about volunteering with the Aquarium, contact Volunteer Coordinator Aly Mack at [email protected]

Volunteer shows a sea star to a family standing around a touch pool

Volunteer At the Aquarium

From adult volunteers to teen volunteers to dive volunteers, there are many opportunities to spend time at the aquarium. Build experience, interact with guests, or dive in the Living Shipwreck habitat and help maintain our many animal habitats.

Adult Application

Volunteers assist in a variety of areas, from visitor education and exhibit interpretation to special events. They play key roles in the daily operation of the Aquarium and in its conservation efforts. As exhibit interpreters, they provide a personalized, informal interpretation of the Aquarium’s aquatic life and habitats.

Dive Volunteer

The Aquarium offers certified SCUBA divers a unique and rewarding underwater experience. Volunteer divers inside the 306,000-gallon Living Shipwreck converse with visitors about the many animals gliding around a replica of the U-352, a famous World War II shipwreck. Volunteer divers also assist with other programs underwater, as well as help care for the animals and maintain the habitats.

Teen Volunteers

There are many ways to volunteer at the Aquarium as a young adult. We offer year-round volunteer opportunities, an Aquarium Ambassador program, and other opportunities to get involved with the Aquarium. Learn from volunteers who have been with the Aquarium for years. Shadow staff members in education and learn how we care for our animals and produce events and programs for our guests.