Otters Get Birthday Cakes, Too!

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Otters Get Birthday Cakes, Too!

Otters at the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island got a special birthday treat on Thursday, April 20. The aquarium was celebrating the third birthdays of Finn and Banks, two male North American River otters, and presented the otters two specially made birthday cakes. The cakes were made with fish, blackberries, carrots and other otter favorites, frozen into colored ice blocks. The coloration was made with food-safe dyes.

Treats like these are also good for otters, who are used to having to hunt for food, said Education Curator Dia Hitt. The frozen cakes make the otters play with and investigate the ice blocks in order to get to the food inside, a technique called “enrichment,” that stimulates the otters’ brains as well as gives them extra exercise.

And don’t worry, even though it wasn’t Molly’s birthday, the aquarium’s female otter also got to join in the fun!


Posted by Chelsea Miller at 9:00 AM

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