Students planting a tree with an outreach instructor



Our outreach programs offer numerous topics for all ages and groups of varying sizes. Each program is guaranteed to provide interactive opportunities to learn about the many animals and plants that inhabit the wetter spaces of our state.

School outreach programs are grade specific and are linked with North Carolina’s Essential Standards guidelines. 
Distance learning allows an Aquarium educator to provide a lesson via the internet. 
Community group outreach programs are adaptable for any setting, including libraries, summer camps, scouts, festivals, adult groups, and more.

Learn more about outreach programs

Contact our Outreach Coordinator or call (252) 475-2344 for more information. 

School Outreach

We can bring the Aquarium to you! These grade specific programs are linked with North Carolina’s Essential Standards guidelines. If the words LIVE ANIMAL are included, we bring one or more live animals to your classroom or program.

Virtual Outreach

Want to bring the Aquarium to you using technology? Have a face-to-face talk with an Aquarium educator via the Internet--learn about specific animals or the whole Aquarium!

Community Outreach

These titles are adaptable for mixed age groups, libraries, summer camps, scouts, festivals, adult groups, preschools, and more. A custom-made program, demonstration table, or assembly lecture can be created to suit your time and interests!

Adults Only

Why should kids have all the fun? Bring the aquarium to your meeting or workshop! Select from school programs, community group programs, or some that are designed just for adults. Program duration is flexible.


Let us design a program that fits the needs of your group's badges, belt loops or try-its. Contact us to discuss your needs and ideas.

Animal Ambassadors

We know you appreciate that the health and welfare of our animal ambassadors are of paramount importance to all of us--we might need to make last minute substitutions for animals who need a day off or who can't travel too far!