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Share your knowledge of marine life by volunteering at the Aquarium, while learning from education and husbandry professionals. Whether you would like to learn about local wildlife, improve your diving skills, or simply contribute to your community, our volunteer program has something for you! Before completing the Volunteer Application, please review the available volunteer positions.

For more information about the volunteer program, call (252) 475-2335 or email [email protected] 

 You must be 14 or older to volunteer with us, please check each position for more details.

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Volunteer Positions

Touch Pool Interpreter (ages 14+)
Provides interpretive information about the touch pool animals while encouraging visitors to follow handling rules. Discusses common beachcombing and marine science questions.  

Discovery Cart Volunteer (ages 14+)
Discovery carts are hands-on, portable education stations, to encourage guests to explore topics related to animals and ecosystems of North Carolina. Currently our Discovery Cart Interpreters will be located outside in the courtyard and through the exhibit space. Topics may include Sea Turtles, Sharks, Carnivorous Plants, Alligators, River Otters, and more!

Community Science (ages 16+)
Community science projects utilize the observation powers of the public at large to collect data about the natural world that can be used by scientists.  Plus, it is a fun way to get outside, hone your observation skills, and learn more about the nature in your own "backyard."  Our projects at the aquarium focus on collecting observations about what wildlife are using our gardens and grounds.  Most of our projects focus on pollinator observation (butterflies, bees, etc.), but also include other invertebrates, birds, mammals, reptiles, and even fungi!  No previous experience is required and time commitment can be as little as 30 mins/week...though more is welcome and appreciated!  Comfort with using smartphones and/or tablets for photography, and with uploading data to internet sites (such as inaturalist.com) is helpful. Comfort with using smartphones and/or tablets for photography, and with uploading data to internet sites (such as inaturalist.com) is helpful.

Visitor Services Attendant (ages 14+)  
Visitors Services Attendant will be located at the Visitor Services Desk in the Lobby and will welcome visitors as they enter through the aquarium. This station will help to orient visitors to the exhibit spaces and bathrooms, discuss daily programs, and more! 

STAR Center Interpreter (ages 18+)
(Not Currently Accepting Applications)
Interacts with visitors in the STAR Center and answers questions about sea turtles. Volunteers should be interested in sea turtles and willing to engage with visitors while wearing a microphone.

Dive Operations (ages 16+)
(Not currently Accepting Applications) 

Interested divers must attend volunteer orientation, then turn in an application for Volunteer Diving at the Dive Office. If qualified (divers must hold a nationally recognized open-water dive certification or above to apply), the dive team will schedule an interview. After the interview, candidates are required to pass an NCARI diver medical exam, complete a Divers Alert Network Basic Life Support course at NCARI (or have a current equivalent CPR and First Aid certification), and pass NCARI’s watermanship and scuba diver skills assessments before aquarium diver training can begin. The Basic Life Support course, scuba diver assessments, and aquarium diver training programs can take an estimated 20-30 hours to complete and must be done before an individual is approved as a full-fledged volunteer diver. All dive equipment is provided. Volunteers assist with routine maintenance in the 285,000-gallon Graveyard of the Atlantic aquarium habitat. For those interested and able, there are additional tasks available, such as assisting with public education during dive presentations and Hookah diving in other smaller aquarium habitats, which require further training.  A minimum of 12 dives/year is required to maintain active status as a volunteer diver.


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