inspire & engage curious minds 

Teacher Workshops at the Aquarium—Beyond the Classroom 

We invite teachers to dive into a teacher workshop guided by environmental educators passionate about conservation and committed to  serving as an educational resource. These eco edventures are unique and experiential experiences that inspire teachers to elevate their conservation teaching and engage students in exciting ways — sparking curiosity and a commitment to caring for the environment. 

Unique Learning Adventures for Teachers

Find the opportunity that works for your own learning that you can bring back to your classroom!


Explore different curricula that are standards-based for your classroom.

Coastal Conservation

Immerse yourself in learning opportunities in the field and discover your passion for conservation in our coastal ecosystems.

One-Day Workshops

Elevate your environmental and conservation education in the classroom with hands-on workshops that will support you in the classroom with resources, ideas and inspiration.


Educators can find themselves in a once-in-a-lifetime Eco Edventure in places like Costa Rica or the Baja Peninsula—an immersive experience guided by environmental educators from the North Carolina Aquariums.